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PPI Stage of Processing Duplicate Codes Discontinued

In January 2014, the Producer Price Index (PPI) transitioned from the Stage of Processing (SOP) aggregation system to the Final Demand-Intermediate Demand (FD-ID) aggregation system. Because all the indexes that constitute the SOP system are component indexes of the FD-ID system, and because PPI continued calculating and publishing the SOP structure to ease the transition for data users, two versions of the SOP indexes existed within the PPI database through January 2016. First announced in August 2015 and effective with the January 2016 PPI data release in February 2016, PPI ceased the calculation and publication of the SOP versions of these indexes. Going forward, data users wishing to track prices for finished goods, processed goods for intermediate demand (intermediate goods), unprocessed goods for intermediate demand (crude goods), or any of the former SOP-based component indexes will need to utilize the corresponding index codes from the FD-ID aggregation system. The FD-ID aggregation system webpage provides a table listing the SOP indexes and their concordant FD-ID indexes.

For further information, contact the PPI Section of Index Analysis and Public Information, at or (202) 691-7705.


Last Modified Date: February 17, 2016