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PPI Research Papers


Economic Working Papers

  • Services Producer Price Indices: Past, Present, and Future (2006) (PDF)
  • A Comparison of the Substitution Effects for Input and Output Price Indexes (2000) (HTML)
  • The Productivity of the Banking Sector: Integrating Financial and Production Approaches to Measuring Financial Services Output (1998) (PDF 4MB)
  • Hedonic Adjustment of Hospital Service Price Inflation: An Application to Medicare Prices (1998) (PDF)
  • Nondurables and Services Responsiveness in a Nonlinear Model: More Evidence of Binding Borrowing Constraints (1997) (HTML)
  • Interarea Price Comparisons for Heterogeneous Goods and Several Levels of Commodity Aggregation (1996) (HTML)
  • Effects of Mismeasuring Base Period Prices When Estimating the Laspeyres Index: Some Idealized Cases (1996) (PDF)
  • Moral Hazard, Asymmetric Decisions, and the Shadow Price for Quality Adjustment in Medical Services (1996) (PDF)

BLS Statistical Survey Papers

  • Adjusting Sampling and Weighting to Account for Births and Deaths (2009) (HTML)
  • Estimating Missing Prices in Producer Price Index (2006) (HTML)
  • A Qualitative Study of Nonresponse Factors Affecting BLS Establishment Surveys: Results (2003) (HTML)
  • A Note on the Effects of Extreme Price Values on Price Indexes (2002) (HTML)
  • Comparison of Variance Estimation Techniques for a Price Index with Non-Independent Weights (2002) (HTML)
  • Some Issues in Seasonal Adjustment When Modeling Interventions (1993) (HTML)

Further Information

For further assistance contact the PPI Section of Index Analysis and Public Information at or (202) 691-7705.


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