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Data Corrections

We try not to make mistakes, but it does happen. See a list of corrections to data or products by program.[JJB1]    


Errata Policy

It is BLS and Productivity program’s policy that any significant revision be immediately corrected with the utmost urgency. If the error is discovered within 2 weeks of the next release, language will be added to the next release to identify the error, however a reissue of the previous release may not occur, as the timing on reissue and the coincident release would be too close and might ultimately confuse the releases. We would, however, identify the error on the web when the extent of the error can be evaluated. It is the Productivity program’s mission to provide accurate, relevant, and honest productivity measures to help inform policy makers and decision makers about the health and direction of the U.S. economy.

In addition, as the Labor Productivity and Costs Quarterly Labor Productivity release is a principle federal economic indicator, the errata policy is quite strict. Any significant error, encompassing more than 0.1 percentage point from the published rate of growth of labor productivity, output, or hours will constitute a significant revision at the nonfarm business level.

 [JJB1]This was in the 2016 table, but no link to this page exists, so get OPUBSS to add to table so we don’t need to house it here