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Technical Notes

Labor Productivity

Technical Information about the Major Sector Productivity and Costs Methods. March 2008. (PDF) This document describes the labor productivity measures that BLS publishes for the major sectors of the U.S. economy, as well as the methodology used to calculate these measures.

Information Supporting Major Sector Productivity and Costs Hours

Construction of Employment and Hours for Self-Employed and Other Nonfarm Workers and for All Farm Workers, Using Current Population Survey Data for Primary and Secondary Jobs. March 2006. (PDF)

Construction of Average Weekly Hours for Supervisory and Nonproduction Wage and Salary Workers in Private Nonfarm Establishments. October 2004. (PDF)

Hours at Work Ratios Derived from the Employment Cost Index, 2001–2003. (PDF) Brief description of the Bureau of Labor Statistics new ratios of hours at work to hours paid and reasons for the discontinuation of the Hours at Work Survey.

Industry Hours and Employment – detailed industries. May 2014.

Construction of Average Weekly Hours for Supervisory and Nonproduction Wage and Salary Workers in Detailed Industries. August 2005. (PDF)

Total Factor Productivity

Technical Information About the BLS Multifactor Productivity Measures for Major Sectors and 18 NAICS 3-digit Manufacturing Industries (PDF)

Overview of Output Measures Used by BLS to Construct Productivity Statistics for Major Sectors of the U.S. Economy (PDF)

Changes in the Composition of Labor for BLS Multifactor Productivity Measures (PDF)

Technical Note on Public R&D and Productivity Growth (PDF)

Overview of Capital Inputs for the BLS Multifactor Productivity Measures (PDF)


Historical – These methods may not be current.  For the most current methodology, please visit the Handbook of Methods.

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