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BLS Restricted Data Access
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) allows eligible researchers the opportunity to gain access to restricted data files for select statistical research projects onsite at the BLS national office in Washington, DC, at Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs), and at a designated offsite location. For more information about these options, please see Access Modes.

BLS is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of its survey respondents. For this reason, prospective researchers commit to exclusively statistical uses of the data and data confidentiality must be considered before they are permitted access to BLS restricted data. To this end, potential candidates must submit a research application. After receiving the application, BLS will assess the proposal for feasibility based on several factors including potential disclosure risk.

Researchers are encouraged to apply for access as early as possible and to discuss projects with the appropriate BLS contacts prior to submitting an application. Please contact BLS if you have questions about the application process. Once approved, we will work with you to create a data file specific to your research. Your mode of and timeline for access will depend on BLS data your research requires.