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BLS Restricted Data Access
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For any mode of access, you will be assigned a BLS Project Coordinator once your application is approved. If you will access data at an FSRDC, you will also be assigned an FSRDC Administrator for your project. The sections below detail the responsibilities of each during your project.

BLS Project Coordinators

Accepted researchers will be assigned a BLS Project Coordinator, a member of BLS staff in the program office of the restricted data being accessed. A BLS Project Coordinator is assigned to any project regardless of access mode.

Onsite at BLS

  • The BLS Project Coordinator will assist you with initial computer set up, data access, and any technical questions about the data files for the duration of the project.
  • After your first visit, the BLS Project Coordinator is your primary contact for scheduling visits to BLS for data access.
  • At the end of the project before your data outputs are made publicly available, the BLS Project Coordinator will review the outputs to ensure that the confidentiality of respondent identifiable information is maintained.
  • No research or data quality assistance is provided.

Federal Statistical Research Data Centers Administrators

Researchers granted access to BLS restricted data at a Federal Statistical Research Data Center will be assigned an FSRDC Administrator who is an employee of the Census Bureau and works at the RDC facility. During your access at the FSRDC, the administrator will:

  • Answer logistical questions about the FSRDC such as, statistical software availability, and Census Fees.
  • Ensure you have completed all the Census Bureau Security requirements, including Special Sworn Status (SSS) clearance (see Eligibility and Access Modes for information about the SSS clearance process).
  • Accepts Census payments.
  • Transfers your project outputs from Census to your BLS Project Coordinator for confidentiality and disclosure review.


Last Modified Date: September 23, 2016