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Minneapolis-St. Paul

Title BLS Subject Product Type Date Published
Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Economic Summary (PDF)
Benefits, Consumer price indexes, Consumer spending, Employment, Industry price indexes, Pay, Unemployment
Economic Summary Feb 2023
Midwest Economy - Labor Force Statistics Employment, Unemployment Table Mar 2024
Consumer Price Index Overview Table – Midwest Consumer price indexes Table Mar 2024
Midwest Consumer Price Index Card Consumer price indexes CPI Summary Feb 2021
Consumer Expenditures in the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area — 2020-21 Consumer spending News Release Oct 2022
Average energy prices for the United States, regions, census divisions, and selected metropolitan areas Average energy prices Table Dec 2020
County Employment and Wages in Minnesota — Third Quarter 2021 Employment, Pay News Release Apr 2022
County Employment and Wages in Wisconsin — Third Quarter 2021 Employment, Pay News Release Apr 2022
Consumer Expenditures for the U.S., regions, and selected metropolitan areas Consumer spending Table Oct 2022
Consumer Price Index, Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington area – November 2022 Consumer price indexes News Release Dec 2022
Consumer Price Index Historical Table for Minneapolis (PDF) Consumer price indexes Table Sep 2020
Occupational Employment and Wages For Nurses In Minnesota’s Metropolitan Area — May 2017 Employment, Pay News Release Jul 2018
Occupational Employment and Wages in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington — May 2021 Employment, Pay News Release Aug 2022
Changing Compensation Costs in the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area — September 2022 Benefits, Pay News Release Nov 2022