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Southwest Fatal Occupational Injuries by State

Fatal occupational injuries by event or exposure, United States and selected states, 2021
Area Total
Event or exposure (1)
Violence and
other injuries
by persons
or animals
Fires or
Falls, slips,
Exposure to
or environments
Contact with
objects and

United States

5,190 761 1,982 76 850 798 705


74 5 44 - 10 4 10


141 19 52 6 19 30 15

  New Mexico

53 5 38 - - 5 -


86 9 36 6 12 10 13


533 57 260 7 88 54 66

(1) Based on BLS Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) 2.01 implemented for 2011 data forward.

NOTE: Totals for major categories may include subcategories not shown separately. For complete information on how the data are coded and presented see our definitions page at Dashes indicate no data reported or data that do not meet publication criteria. CFOI fatality counts exclude illness-related deaths unless precipitated by an injury event.

Source: BLS Southwest Information Office, Dallas; CFOI Survey.

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