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Annual Refiling Survey (ARS) Respondents
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Industry Verification Form (BLS-3023)

Annual Refiling Survey
Welcome to the Annual Refiling Survey Respondent home page.

This is your source of information for assistance in completing the Annual Refiling Survey.

Update your address and industry information on-line in about five to ten minutes.

To report online, please use your Web ID and password to log into our secure website:

Did you receive an email notice requesting that you complete the Annual Refiling Survey online? In an effort to reduce costs, an email prompt was sent to you because you reported data for your company online in the past, or because your email address is on file for the company with your state's Unemployment Insurance program. The Annual Refiling Survey is authorized by 29 U.S. Code, Section 2 and you can view the current OMB approval for the Industry Verification Form, BLS-3023 online.

Learn more about the Annual Refiling Survey emails here: Annual Refiling Survey Notice Emails.

The ARS is conducted jointly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and your State Workforce Agency.

If you have a question that is not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions, you can contact the ARS HelpDesk.


Last Modified Date: April 14, 2020