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Telephone Point of Purchase Survey (TPOPS) Respondents
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TPOPS Survey Schedule by Region

The Telephone Point of Purchase survey (TPOPS) is conducted quarterly. Each period respondents will be asked a different group of questions regarding purchases of various items and services. Below is a quarterly schedule listing which groups of questions respondents will be asked in each of the following counties.


Interviewing Schedule by Quarter
County 2018 2019 2019 2019
Maricopa County October–November January–February April–May July–August
Pinal County October–November January–February April–May July–August
Yuma County October–November January–February April–May July–August


Note: The current survey only samples from selected counties designed to be representative of the population in the United States, which is why you may not see your county and is subject to change over time. If you have additional questions please contact us for more information about the survey methodology.

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Last Modified Date: September 14, 2018