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Wage Records Program

Wage Records Research

The following studies are examples of how Wage Records data are being used for research. The studies below include published articles, working papers and reports. This list is not comprehensive.

If you have authored a study using Wage Records data and would like to include it in this list, please contact Wage Records staff.

Research by Participating State Partners and other Authors and Publications Not Affiliated with BLS

  • Special Article: A Profile of Oil and Natural Gas Workers in New Mexico (PDF)

    Rachel Moskowitz. New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. Labor Market Review. February 2022.

Research by BLS-Affiliated Authors or Appearing in BLS Publications

  • An Inventory of Employee-Specific Data Collected on Unemployment Insurance Wage Records (PDF)

    BLS Labor Market Information Oversight Council. Final UI Wage Records Report. January 2022.

  • Enhancing Unemployment Insurance Wage Records: Potential Benefits, Barriers, and Opportunities (PDF)

    Administrative Wage Record Enhancement Study Group. Final Observations and Recommendations. September 2015.

  • Worker mobility before and after Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

    Richard L. Clayton and James R. Spletzer. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Monthly Labor Review. August 2006.

  • Employment and wage outcomes for North Carolina’s high-tech workers (PDF)

    Robert Bowles. Monthly Labor Review. May 2004.

  • Measuring labor dynamics: the next generation in labor market information (PDF)

    Richard L. Clayton and Jay A. Mousa. Monthly Labor Review. May 2004.

  • Using wage records in workforce investments in Ohio (PDF)

    Richard Gordon, Mark Schaff, and Greg Shaw. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Monthly Labor Review. May 2004.